Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment in esports is more than looking at the gameplay

You start off with selecting for skill, but you want to know if the players you are selecting fit the culture and environment of the team, can work together and are open for learning together with the other players. You don't want a toxic player among your team or one that has a hard time to contribute to the team environment. When a player is skilled in the game, this doesn't mean he is the best possible option for your team.

Next Level Esports specializes at recruitment and selection, because we combine science, personality profiling and a motivation check for every recruit that we screen. You will know who you bring in. You will get the results clearly laid out in an overview where you can see the characteristics and traits the person brings. This will give much more data and insight into the potential picks for your team. Instead of going with your gut, you now can pin point in detail why you do select a talent or not select a talent.

If you are serious about performance and achieving results, finding the right people to achieve the goals that you envision for your team and your organization is crucial for your success.

The process of recruitment & selection is as follows:

1. Observation

2. Scientific grading of interpersonal skills

3. Personal assesments

4. Live interview & profiling

5. Detailed overview of selection possibilities

6. Counseling and advise for the right fit for your team


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