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Me, Donny Stumpel, founded Next level Esports in 2018. I started within esports as a player and later as a coach in League of Legends many years before. I quickly recognized that esports is a lot different than just casual gaming with friends or playing solo. Playing together week after week in a team was exciting, but tough at the same time. We all wanted to improve as a team very badly, but we all were so different in the way we communicated, play and the idea's we had. We were worlds apart from each other in the way we handle and perceive things. We tried everything to make the team work, but we couldn't get far. I looked online on how to improve team dynamics in esports and how to connect better with each other, so in-game interaction would also benefit greatly. All I found online was on how to get better at the game, but little to nothing about the dynamics esports team face with subjects like: conflicts, team disbands, roster swaps, stress levels, performance, communication, personalities, the online environment and much more. All this information that we needed to reach a higher level was not available and still to this day is very limited. I wanted an answer on the question "Why do esports players and coaches do how they do?". 

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This question didn't only haunt me as a player and coach at that time, but also as a person in my day to day life. Since I can remember, as a little kid, I also wondered why humans are so different from each other, but yet in so many aspects so the same. I always played World of Warcraft PvP with a close friend of mine and we both wanted to win just as badly, but we had a very different approach to the game. He always wanted to look for a quick scan on tactic and then quickly execute on it to try it out, while I am more strategic and want to understand and learn the ins and outs of possible play styles. I think everyone has that one friend who has a very aggressive playstyle and that other friend who is more coutious, but why is that I asked myself. As well as in my years as being a teacher I was confronted daily by typical behaviors that are universal. "There must be more going on than meets the eye, right?" I asked myself. I had to answer this life-question of mine: "Why do human do how they do?". After searching for a while I found out about personality psychology.

Personality psychology

In short, personality psychology is about innate tendencies and characteristics that you are born with because of certain connections inside the brain. These connections shape an individuals personality by a lot. This is one explanation why certain players within esports are in general risk takers and flexible, others very structured by nature and some are very energetic or placid in the team communication. As well as why some one prefers a more supporting role or attacking role inside a game. Your environment and your upbringing also has a great impact on your life, but we as humans are not as flexible as we might think. For example: Try to make a very rigid and structured person flexible and improvising, or a very analytical person solely make decisions on what "feels" right. Well, good luck with that. For sure we can learn tremendous extraordinary things and we have some stretch, but we do things the way that suits us the best, the natural innate way. We seek for the path of least resistance by nature. For each and every person that means a different route. If you don't, you will get burned-out and depressed quicker than you can study the topic itself. Even if individuals have the same goal, that often means, the road to that goal is different. While digging and studying more about the subject of personality psychology I found most of my answers within the ActionTypes method.

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ActionType is a personality theory used in the top level of traditional sports. ActionType describes various personal preferences. Just like everyone has a preference to write with left or right, you develop different emotional, cognitive and physical preferences. The big difference compared to other methods is that ActionTypes has a body to mind connection, instead of the mind to body connection. This is vastly different. We have a brain because we can move, not the other way around. You can gain insight into someones personality by observing their physical preferences and physical profiling, instead of a cognitive or emotional questionnaire. This way you can accurately assess someone without his rational thoughts that are interfering, you get an objective profile that is accurate. This allows you to create a detailed profile. A profile that describes someones natural strong qualities and talents as well as his development opportunities. Within a team, all these individual insights can be combined into a team profile that brings meaningful insights and development opportunities for the team.


The impact of such insights to know your ActionType can be life changing for an individual and goes beyond esports. Improving as a player or coach means personal development, improving as a person. You will get deep insights on why you and others behave a certain way and will find out that there is nothing wrong or crazy about you. You might discover your personality superpower! Every individual got his strengths and weaknesses. We often think that we have to model ourselves to the society or situation we are in to be successful, the opposite of that is true. When you know what you are capable of and what not or less, you will start to lean in your natural talents and strengths. You will become a powerful force as a coach or player to be reckoned with, while at the same time have a more enjoyable career. 

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Donny Stumpel

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Worlds first ActionTypes practitioner in esports

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  • Me and the founder of ActionTypes: Bertrand Théraulaz in Finland