Hello, I'm Donny Stumpel.


From a young age I am deeply interested in why people behave how they behave. I played a lot of games with friends and in competitive environments and struggled to stay in sync over time to get the best results. Then I found out every person plays through his natural preferences. Everything changed when I discovered how different personalities and contexts work on every individual. Mixing this with my knowledge as a teacher and coach, I can now help to connect coaches to their players so they can to get the best results out of every situation. 

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My Story


I've met many ambitious coaches in esports over the years that want to impact their teams, but many of them lack an education and examples on how to be a game changer as a coach. Many coaches know so much about the game, but lack the skills to bring a team together and make their teams great. I've found out that there is so much available to assist players to become better, but what is there for coaches to become better? I believe coaches are left in the dark and have to figure out how to coach on their own. This hurts the players they work with and that is not the way to move forward. The players and especially coaches deserve more love and attention. Coaches are leaders and should be able to positively impact any player and team they come across in their career. I believe that every coach is capable of so much more if you are handed with the right examples, insights, advice and tools, and you know it. By teaching other coaches how to be more impactful, is my way to professionalize esports and to positively impact the lives of many people within the esports landscape.

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