Ebook - The foundation of performance: Motivation

Motivation impacts everything that influences esports performance. You need to have motivation to properly execute strategies, connect with teammates, have a good mental preparation and play at the best level possible. The whole lifestyle is affected by motivation. Great esports coaches understand how motivation works and what they have to do to gain and maintain motivation for their players. So you and your team will get better results and have a much more enjoyable time along the way. 

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3 clear areas to coach on that influence motivation

Understand what they are and how to easily implement them in your coaching.

Checklist to increase motivation

A simple checklist to help you increase motivation the easy way. So you never miss out on motivational opportunities.

Active coaching exercises to increase motivation

Easy to implement exercises that will help you increase the motivation of your players, while at the same time helps you stand out from other coaches.

How to recover from loss of motivation

Pick up ques from yourself and your team that can indicate that motivation is dropping and what you can do to increase motivation to optimal levels.

Achieving better results and creating a more enjoyable environment that makes you and your team stand out?

- Gain better results with your team
- Have more fun with your team
- Create a consistent team
- Stand out by using different active coaching exercise
- Reach the potential of the players you work with
- Spend more time coaching the game, instead of handling problems within the team
- Increase individual and team performance
- Easy to apply routines and habit



Oumar "Snow" Kone

Valorant Coach

"I had a little struggle in getting players motivated and having a good group vibe which Donny gave good advice to me. I read his ebook which was one of the best books I read about coaching and development. This book helped me know myself and my players better which gave them good results and thanks to the advice from Donny I was able to land my first paid role in a team that I am very proud of. Big vouch to Donny!"


Valorant Coach

"Very good ebook that teaches you the basics and reminds you of the fundamentals if you already have some experience, to keep in a bedside book, 100% agree with all the content­čĺ¬"

Connaire "Concentric" Delaney McNultey

Performance Coach

"Donny's ebook and work in question is a great introduction on supporting players to stay motivated throughout a season. With many coaches, and even team managers able to benefit on the information to develop a team to reach their optimal performance!"

Benedikt "Skizzen" Bauer

Rocket League Coach

"A powerful introduction with concrete tools to start improving in one of the most important skills a coach can bring to any individual or team in any game. Both easy to understand and in depth and will make you want to use it immediately."

Emanuel "Emi" Ursachi

League of Legends Coach

"It covers essentially every aspect of motivating your team as a whole and also every individual in the team. It is pretty well made and a lot of thought went into it"

James "Jaishu" Wright

Performance Coach

"The e-book was a really interesting read, it utilises graphics and many examples in order to accurately portray what being a performance coach is all about. I found it incredibly helpful and was able to relate a lot of my work with what you chose to write about. Definitely something worth reading and there are 100% aspects in there in which I am going to try and implement!."

Theotu "iFreeZzy" Pernot

League of Legends Coach

"I just started as head coach for a semi pro association girl Team in France and never really had any experience before that so the book helped me to know how to manage my team and players"

Kayleen "Mech" Lie

Fortnite Coach

"This ebook is really awesome because it definitely teaches me more about the in depth of how to motivate/encourage different individuals. 1000% Worth to read and enjoy. I've implemented some techniques inside the ebook and it worked out really well"