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THe #1 platform for esports coaches and teams

Are you ready for the next level as a coach or your team?

Win more games by understanding the people you work with

Are you a coach or team and you are serious about player and team performance? You are exactly at the right place.

Next Level Esports gives you all the understanding, methods and tools how you can become the best coach or team by understanding the players you work with. 

Are you ready for the next level as a coach or your team?

Reach Your Next Level 

If you are like most esport coaches, you want to build a career out of coaching within esports. You want to compete at the highest competitive level possible, whether this is on a national, continental or even international level. You want to develop yourself further continuously to become the great coach you aspire to be, to achieve your dreams and goals and make the difference for your team and players you work with. 

What you probably already tried

You probably are putting in a lot of effort and are "on the grind", but you feel like you can do more and be more efficient in your development as coach, you are looking for that competitive edge to stand out from the rest. But where to start? What is that next level for you?

Is the answer just put in more hours, work harder, and eventually try to work your way up within your role?

Or should you get involved in more teams and invest time in coaching individuals besides teams?

Or should you be an assistant coach of another coach higher in the ranking than you and learn from him, so later on you become the head coach yourself?

You probably tried many things. By looking at other coaches how they handle situations, but you also noticed that the way they handle things isn't necessarily that way you like it to handle it many times. They might be to authoritarian, or too laid back, the other to much informative and the other to fuzzy. Is this normal? Absolutely normal!

Take a different perspective

Take a step back out of esports for a moment. Think about you and who you are as a person and compare yourself with the people you know. Do you think you are different than all the other people or more the same? In the way you think, the way you speak, your idea's, points of attentions, interests? Why are you on this website looking for ways to develop yourself and others maybe are not? A good chance you think you are different than most of the people, and with no surprise, you are different! But what does this has to do with esports you say? Basically everything.

Since you were born you have biologically differences, this is why you look different. But you are different from the inside as well and how your brain operates is also vastly different than most people. And here lies the key to your next level as well as for the players that you coach. 

You want to have insight on why you are doing how you are doing, because that is not as random as you might think. You and the players you work with probably have different tendencies and different types of personalities. Are you impulsive, tactical or strategic in your coach style? Are you flexible or more rigid? Are you factual or like to explore ideas when developing new strategies and tactics? Do you do things because they feel right or you do things because you know it is the only rational right way?

What makes you and the player tick

There are so many natural factors within you that can either help you achieve your goals, but also can hold you and your team down. You want to know what makes you tick and what makes the players tick.


By knowing your natural behaviors and those of the players you work with, you know what the natural players strengths and weaknesses are for players and the whole team.


When you know these natural tendencies you can now lean into your and the teams natural super powers and double down on your strengths, while simultaneously developing weaknesses to an acceptable level.


You now have a huge competitive advantage that many coaches don't have or neglect.

By knowing the way you and your players behave in different types of context you are creating the advantage that is called team-synergy. Most teams are stuck in the starting or conflicting phase of the team, because the coach and the players don't understand each other and never resolve core issues, by neglecting differences in personalities. 

Familiar frustration

The effect of a lack of understand each other can quickly result in: conflict, talking behind each others back, demotivation, toxic environment, egotistical players, not listening to each other, no fun is shared.


And all these things add up to the results underperformance. And you as a coach are there to do exactly the opposite. 

Sounds familiar?

Get the people-side of esports right

Elite performance is done by people. Not the strategy, not the tactics, not the equipments and all of that. You can have all the best of these, but without players who are valued, supported, and foremost understood in who they are and what they need, you are nowhere in your performance. 

Elite performance starts with people.

Once you understand yourself and the players you work with, you know what the team needs to come together. You know what the team dynamic looks like and how to find your way in every context and situation.

Become the best coach and team you can be

You also will know how you can be the best coach for your team. 

if you get the people-side right you will have your life-long competitive edge and you will be on your way to the next level in your coaching career, reaching your goals.

Next Level Esports is here for coaches like you to get a better understanding of themselves and the players they work with on a daily basis, so you can win more games by understanding yourself and the players you work with. 

At your service


Donny Stumpel

Grew up with games and a love for esports. Innate tendency to wanting to understand behaviors of individuals. Why do people behave and play how they do? After years of seeing patterns, finally some answers. 

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