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Rocket League Head Coach
I made RLCS World Championships with my team, and honestly, I owe a big part of it to Donny. The amount I've learned from you regarding work ethic and methodology to work with individuals is insane. Thank you very much.
Levin "Klust"
League of Legends Head Coach
"The biggest thing I wanted to get out of the Esports Coach Revolution is to feel comfortable while practicing and have a structure that helps me to get the right training. It has changed me to be more self-assured about my skills knowing more of what I'm capable of. Learning how to build a portfolio and how to market myself helped me to get into a better position, to stand out from other coaches and get position I wouldn't be able to get before. The stuff you're learning in the Esports Coach Revolution is really really helpful. Anyone considering joining the course, just do it and have a transformational experience. With the money-back-guarantee, it is a no-brainer."
Dorian "FLUKIK"
League of Legends Head Coach
"I would describe the Esports Coach Revolution as one of the biggest life changing events in my life. The biggest result I have is confidence boost 1000x. My biggest breakthrough was the Framework of Coaching. Everything I got from the Esports Coach Revolution I was so impatient to use it. I was surprised to see how easily you can improve your coaching skills. This course put coaching at the top of my priority list. This is what I want to do on a daily basis. It's not coin-flipping my entire life anymore. If you are considering joining the Esports Coach Revolution, whether you're a complete beginner or already a professional coach, you will learn and get a lot out of it. There is no way you participate and get nothing transformational. This course will not only be helpful for your coaching, on games, but also for your life."
RńÉzvan "SH4DOW" Nistor
League of Legends Head Coach
"As a coach and business graduate, I used to apply business management frameworks and techniques to coaching which I considered to be a competitive advantage for me. I have been fortunate enough to discover Next Level Esports, which led to more competitive advantages. Donny opened my eyes about psychological concepts and their application in certain situations, ways of dealing with major issues in esports such as the notorious TILT and more importantly, he taught me how to personalize my coaching to fit the needs of an individual. I believe the sessions that my time with Donny turned me into a top tier coach within the industry."
Pedro "Impulse"
Rocket League Head Coach
"The Esports Coach Revolution is not a general coaching course. Everything is very catered to the esports experience. The course gave me very solid tools to use in honestly, any coaching scenario I'll possibly need. As soon as I had more structure and clarity in my sessions, I started getting much more successful sessions out of it before in the course. I did not know when a good session was a good session or a bad session was a bad session, but now I have a very clear way of knowing whether it is or not. This course has definitely helped my success presently and given me more success in my position and will continue to help me. "
Pol "Wakegato" Lopez
League of Legends Head Coach
"All the problems that I had, before starting the Esports Coach Revolution. Not being confident enough, thinking that my coaching is not good at all. Now I don't have these problems anymore, because I have structures on how to do things and tools to solve all my problems. Now I am really comfortable coaching. The biggest thing was having a structure for my sessions. I trust the way that Donny teaches, the way he thinks and the way that he just shows all the learnings that I'm getting."
Patricio "Patinho"
Valorant Head Coach
"I had an issue trying to find a good methodology, information, and experience in coaching. I was losing patience, time, and money. I noticed that Donny was totally different compared to other coaches. The result was a transformation. Learning the 4 pillars of coaching and how to deal with complex stuff. How Donny is teaching is excellent, interactive and not boring at all. It was one of the best trainings I had in my life.
Patrick "Kiba"
League of Legends Head Coach
"Before joining the Esports Coach Revolution I was doubting if it was for me, because I only had a few months of experience being a coach, but I am grateful that I did follow it. It covers a lot of fundamentals for coaching. I got a lot of downloadable templates for structuring, conflict management and helping a player with their personal growth, building a team and the marketing aspects. It changed my way of consistently being prepared for every session. If you are considering joining, just talk to Donny and just do it, you won't be disappointed. It felt like a speed run for like three years of coaching experience."
Cloud Monteclaro
Overwatch Coach
"I was able to really take a look at myself and received very structured and precise feedback on my areas of improvement as a coach. I now have more structure and more respect for the preparation to ensure that my session is going according to plan. If you are considering joining the esports revolution, just go for it."
Liam "LaunZch" Mosselmans
League of Legends Coach
"Before I joined the Esports Coach Revolution I had no idea on how to actually go about becoming a better coach. The game knowledge part was there for me as a coach, but I had no idea how to translate that knowledge into transformative sessions. This changed however from the moment I joined the course. Donny provided me with a clear structure for my sessions, showed me how to interact with players to get the most out of their development, and helped me stand out on the market. To anyone who even remotely considers joining the Esports Coach Revolution, just do it. The amount of value you get is immense. It sounds almost impossible to teach someone to become a great coach in just 10 weeks time, but Donny managed to do it..."
Daniel "Imba"¬†Gr√łtting Nordby
League of Legends Coach
"It has opened my eyes to a lot of issues that were prevalent in my coaching. These Masterclasses helped both players of mine and me improve a lot. I can confidently say that these Masterclasses helped at least 17 people to have a prominent career in esports."
Oumar "Snow" Kone
Valorant Head Coach
"My impression of Next Level Esports is very good from the first moment of interaction. I was able to feel a very good vibe and see how helpful Donny is in helping coaches out. I had a little struggle in getting players motivated and having a good group vibe which Donny gave good advice to me. I read his ebook which was one of the best books I read about coaching and development. This book helped me know myself and my players better which gave them good results and thanks to the advice from Donny I was able to land my first paid role in a team that I am very proud of. Big vouch to Donny!"
Peter Cassim
Performance Coach
"Enjoy the process, take everything in that the Masterclasses have to offer, and I guarantee you will be amazed with the results."
Salvador "Salva"
Valorant Head Coach
"The Masterclasses provided me different points of view and deepened my knowledge. I learned a lot of new things, and have confirmation on things that I already was doing correctly. Besides the Masterclasses, it also connects you to other like-minded coaches, and that attracted me as well to the bundle. My biggest results were that my speech to the players was clearer, and I know better what I'm talking about. I no longer have any doubt about my knowledge. I was able to develop a professional structure with tricks and tips that are very simple and effective. I knew from the start that Donny is a true professional, a trustworthy person, always in a good mood on whom I can count."
CJ "OldSpice"
Esports Coach
"My team and I wanted to expand our operations, attract more participants, and help the current participants with their social and life building skills. Working with Donny and learning about coaching made us able to do that.
When going through the workshops I did not expect coaching to be this broad, as there is so much more context to coaching than I thought it was.
The 4 Pillars of Coaching that we were taught is something that stuck with me. For example how you ask the players questions about what they think. This helps them improve what they think and feel about it, to then lead them toward their own answer, rather than giving them a direct answer or acting as if there is a right or wrong answer. I have learned that coaching is not about winning, but it is about improving. I am now also able to identify issues before they become actual issues.
Working with Next Level Esports always felt really supportive, patient, understanding, and fun during all interactions. The skills that I have learned helped me connect with participants in a better way in my role as a coach.

Suppose you are looking to work with Next Level Esports. Honestly, it was a really good time. I would absolutely recommend it."
Fayan "Gevous" Pertijs
League of Legends Head Coach
"Donny is a great guy and with Next Level Esports brings in a lot of knowledge. Without him our team wouldn't have won the Dutch League. The biggest thing that impacts us was learning and knowing about each other intentions and how that helped us get in sync with each other"
Luca "Looca" Hansen
League of Legends Coach
"I've worked with Donny for a year in the past, and he always surprised me with his knowledge. I learn something new everytime I have a conversation with him. He is so easy to work with, and what makes him unique are his out of the box like methods and competent thought processes. He taught me to become a better coach by teaching me the coaching methods while he was applying them to me during the coaching, mind-blowing."
Simon "MrSleepzz" van Asselt
League of Legends Head Coach
"My impact has improved a lot. since I used the setups, information and tools for gaining a better understanding of my players, and how I could fit to their needs as a coach. I felt those results fairly quickly, and I was really surprised with how effective the lessons really were."
Quinten van der Tuin
Performance Coach

"I have a better understanding how to recognize different personalities as well as different phases of team dynamics. I can see what a player needs to get the best of himself and what his pitfalls are in these phases and what a team really needs to perform."

Dimitris "Firefly"
League of Legends Head Coach
"The biggest breakthrough is the change that occurred in my coaching, like confidence. The way I talked and the way I explain things. I now have a lot more techniques, the four pillars of coaching, everything. I'm really glad that I got to learn from you and your ways, and way of thinking, no regrets.
Lorenzo "g1ampa"
Performance Coach
"As a coach, you learn general information from traditional sports. The specification on esports matter, that is a thing that surprised me. It is different from anything I have done, so I took my chances. And it was good, and you can have it too."
Dylan "Korenaka" Schouten
League of Legends Coach

"I underestimated the effects of coaching. After applying and studying the insights again and again, I realized that I really have grown as a person as well."

League of Legends Assistant Coach


"After the Esports Coach Revolution I have a structure and a model to follow to deal with every personality. Also effective communication and giving feedback. This was not a problem for me, but I wanted to do it better, and now I have a structure and the best way to give feedback. I now know how to deal with everyone. I joined the course to take a leap in my development as a coach, and the end results, I'm very happy with. Now I have a coaching framework and can develop myself. I can transform players in the way they want, and have a framework to teach every concept I want. This course provides coaches with specialized training to excel in their field and an opportunity to find their path as a coach.
Dale "Ducky"
Esports Coach
"Working with Next Level Esports is 100% not what you are expecting, I’ve learnt so many useful and amazing tools to help me on your coaching journey from them and it has fully changed my perspective on what being a coach really means.
Even though we were located half way across the world from each other, Donny made sure that all the times suited us and gave us all lengthy breaks in between all the content.
we all had such an amazing time it honestly didn’t feel like we were there for that long. I really really loved all of our lessons and would chose to do it all over again if I had the chance to"
Jelle "peanutz"
Performance Coach
"Donny has in his course a lot of these really fast and really easy examples on how you can get all the players on the same level and on the same page really easy. The way Donny teaches is using a lot of tactics and ways without the game. Donny shows that there is so much to gain from a team's perspective outside of the game by implementing smart approaches to elevate the team to a higher level. If you have the time to follow the Esports Coach Revolution, you will learn a lot."
Richard "ImShadow" Luxemburg
Rocket League Player

"Donny recognizes what is needed and what things can be tweaked to perform on a higher level. His content provides you different perspectives to look at things. I adopted that way of looking at things to increase my level insight. I have been given a lot of inspiration and things to work on and think about. Donny is very supportive, helpful and lastly a very enthusiastic great guy to work with"

Finnegan "proximuh" Myron
Esports Coach
"The course was great, the flow was very intuitive which i appreciated, and the length felt just right not too short as to where i felt i wasnt getting anything valuable, but didnt drag on"
Andrew "bendey" Bender
Esports Coach

"I was very excited to find an accessible esports coaching opportunity within the XP League and the course provided me with so much valuable information on what makes a successful esports coach. When it came time to take the assessment I had some trouble reaching the percent required to pass, so I contacted Donny, who got back to me within minutes, helping me better understand the questions and answer them accordingly."

Jennifer Castro
Vice President
"Overall, the content was very good. I enjoyed the practical and detailed guidance and resources on how to be an effective coach. It made the process seem very easy to replicate."
Jackson "Xiphos" Kern
Esports Coach

"Before I was certified I would make snarky comments to my team, and now I am watching my words and I'm trying to be nicer. Whenever I am coaching, I always look back at the rules and make sure I am following them properly. This resulted in me being nicer, and I feel like the team is doing better overall. It made the team trust me more, and easier for me to teach them."

Logan "Logan" Fitzgerald
Esports Coach
"I found the agreements, giving individual attention, and the four pillars of coaching, and the safety lessons very useful. I feel that I will be able to practice coaching much easier"
Wes "Wehs" Brown
League of Legends Coach

"Donny and Next Level Esports has been paramount in my growth as an esports coach over the last 6 months. This past season was my third year coaching esports (League of Legends & Valorant) for my high school’s scholastic esports league (Garden State Esports, NJ).

Before going through the Esports Coach Revolution course
, I had a lot of trouble with getting my players on the same page. Many of them were at different skill levels, had different attitudes towards playing together, and had trouble communicating effectively. A lot of them viewed playing on a team together as an organized version of solo queue, and treated it as such.

Thanks to the course
, however, I was able to completely change that around with my League of Legends team. From the coaching side, I was able to plan out my practices with goals in mind, and give specific feedback to my players at the right time to be most effective. I was able to give them points to improve on that were NOT tied to their gameplay, that the could work towards being a better teammate.

When I implemented the strategies from Esports Coach Revolution for my players, they responded very positively. They could feel that practices were more focused. They learned so much about how they communicate with each other. They learned how to discuss what they want from each other, and how to communicate effectively to reach their goals. Because they developed those bonds in our formal practices, they became stronger friends outside of practice. They developed ranked goals for themselves, and because of their friendship, they held themselves accountable to meet those goals.

The results speak for themselves
. My team went undefeated in our state league (20-0), and won the state championship. I should state that they were NOT the highest elo players in the league! Rather, it was their determination and focus on playing as a cohesive team that helped them secure their victory. They were happy to just get the chance to play with each other, and implement the teamwork aspects that are taught in the Esports Coach Revolution course.

Perhaps the biggest compliment I got about my team was from my friends and family that know absolutely nothing about League of Legends
, but would tell me that ‚Äúthey could tell my team had better coordination, and better teamwork‚ÄĚ. If you are interested in leveling up your coaching, whether you are completely inexperienced or have years of coaching experience, I highly recommend Next Level Esports!"

Enea "Eneino"
League of Legends Coach
"I can't really express how much Donny helped me during his course. We made a custom plan where he helped me to develop the skills to create content but also clarified all my doubts on how to do it! Before him I was lost on where to start but he actually made an insane job with his step-by-step solutions!"
Chase Meadows
XP League Coach

 "This course was rather excellent. One of the most through and well communicated I have ever had. There was a lot of useful and practical information. I will definitely keep looking back at this."

Enea "Eneino"

Rocket League Coach

 "The journey of the Esports Coach Revolution was incredible. I think I have learned more there within 2/3 months than 2 years of coaching by myself. Even though I know I have to improve certain skills I have learned from the course, I now know how to continue to be better. Thank you for that."

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