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Hi, I'm Donny, and I combine my passion for teaching and coaching to help coaches and their teams achieve their human potential for over 4 years
Join me to professionalize esports and get the people side of esports right.


More About Me
Fayan "Gevous" Pertijs

"Donny is a great guy and with Next Level Esports brings in a lot of knowledge. Without him our team wouldn't have won the Dutch League. The biggest thing that impacts us was learning and knowing about each other intentions and how that helped us get in sync with each other"

Richard "ImShadow" Luxemburg

"Donny recognizes what is needed and what things can be tweaked to perform on a higher level. His content provides you different perspectives to look at things. I adopted that way of looking at things to increase my level insight. I have been given a lot of inspiration and things to work on and think about. Donny is very supportive, helpful and lastly a very enthusiastic great guy to work with"

Dylan "Korenaka" Schouten

"I underestimated the effects of coaching. After applying and studying the insights again and again, I realized that I really have grown as a person as well."

Quinten van der Tuin

"I have a better understanding how to recognize different personalities as well as different phases of team dynamics. I can see what a player needs to get the best of himself and what his pitfalls are in these phases and what a team really needs to perform."

Răzvan "SH4DOW" Nistor
"As a coach and business graduate, I used to apply business management frameworks and techniques to coaching which I considered to be a competitive advantage for me. I have been fortunate enough to discover Next Level Esports, which led to more competitive advantages. Donny opened my eyes about psychological concepts and their application in certain situations, ways of dealing with major issues in esports such as the notorious TILT and more importantly, he taught me how to personalize my coaching to fit the needs of an individual. I believe the sessions that my time with Donny turned me into a top tier coach within the industry."
Luca "Looca" Hansen
"I've worked with Donny for a year in the past, and he always surprised me with his knowledge. I learn something new everytime I have a conversation with him. He is so easy to work with, and what makes him unique are his out of the box like methods and competent thought processes. He taught me to become a better coach by teaching me the coaching methods while he was applying them to me during the coaching, mind-blowing."

Get a big unfair advantage over your competition 

You can have the most knowledge about the game you are coaching, but without understanding what makes your players tick and need to perform at their highest level, true success is far away for you and your team. 

I want an advantage!




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