Next Level Esports EP 2 'How A Performance Coach Works With Staff'

Episode #2

In the second episode of the Next Level Esports Podcast, we talk with Urszula Klimczak. She is the current performance coach of Counter Logic Gaming. She is the owner of Mindflex Coaching, and from there she supports both the players and the managers with the right tools to achieve peak performance. She previously worked with big names like: Fnatic, ROCCAT, Origen, TSM, Gamers Origin and within different titles like: League of Legends, Valorant, FIFA, CSGO, as well as worked with Poker players and Streamers. In this podcast it feels like we dive into a fountain of knowledge because there are so many things that are valuable for staff members of any team, whether you are an esports coach, manager, owner or anything in between, you will want to watch/listen to this episode. I'm 100% sure you won't be let down of the value Urszula provides!