Free Mini-course: Transform your group of players into a team in 1 day

The best performing teams in esports are the teams that have a deeper connection with each other. Where everyone is aligned through the same values so decision making and behaviors are aligned in and out of the game. 

When you wear the same esports jersey, you are not necessarily a team. You are just a group of players and call yourself a team.

But how do you turn your players into a team? How do you align expectations on behavior and make fast and effective decisions?

In this free mini-course, you will learn how to transform your group of players into a team in just 1 day with a single exercise!

After this mini-course, you are able to do a complete deep-dive exercise that you can do with your team to exactly find out what every individual player and the team as a whole needs to connect as a team and perform on the next level. 


Transform any group of players into a team for FREE in just 1 day

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Clear expectation on behavior

Prevent frustration between team members on what is expected and what not.

Get a deeper connection between each teammember

Come to know what each individual finds important and how you can support them in the most impactful way

Learn to make decisions fast

Because you will know what drives the team, you will know what options are the best for the team.

Find you unique team identity

Get to know how you stand out as a team compared to other team and use that to your advantage.