Me, Donny Stumpel, founded Next Level Esports in February 2018. My journey in esports began in 2015 where I was one of the first members of the esports student association Dorans in Nijmegen The Netherlands. I quickly recognized that competitive gaming is a lot different than just casual gaming with friends or playing solo. Playing together week after week in a team was exciting but tough at the same time. We all wanted to improve as a team very badly but the differences in each other’s playstyle and communication was very noticeable. At the time we seem to try everything to make the team work, but we didn’t got far, because the communication, playstyle and ideas where to far apart. I started my quest on how to improve as a player and as a team, but all I’ve found was how to get better at the game. This means getting better at tactics, strategy, macro and micro play etc., but something to improve teamplay and understanding different playstyles was non-existent or very rare in esports. And what I did found was too short to really apply anything to improve just that what I wanted to improve, teamplay and understanding of different playstyles. In short I asked myself: why do players do how they do?


With my background as a teacher I am always interested in how to inspire, motivate and activate the people I’m working with. With the developments over the years of esports, exponentially growing all over the world, I made the decision: Esports is here to stay, and I will help esports professionalize to provide the building blocks to bring the best out of each player and coach, to reach their full potential. I looked far and wide for things that could do just that, professionalize esports. Instead of only professionalize I’ve found a unique method to also revolutionize player performance and coaching in esports. This unique method is called ActionType.


I am the first certified ActionType practitioner in the world that uses it purely for esports. Next Level Esports is the first that translated these deep insights into esports. ActionType is a personality theory used in the top of traditional sports. ActionType describes various personal preferences. Just like everyone has a preference to write with left or right, you develop different emotional, cognitive and physical preferences. These are all connected in your brains. You can gain insight through physical tests in these preferences of an individual. Compared to cognitive or emotional tests, the body never lies or is influenced, that’s why it is a very reliable and a precise way to measure the personality of the individual. This allows you to create a detailed profile of someone that gives the person insight into his strong qualities and talents and his development opportunities. Within a team all these individual insights can be combined into a whole, where the team will benefit greatly of these insights, but certainly the coach and manager who works with the players.


The impact ActionType can have on an individual can be life changing and goes beyond esports. Improving as a player or coach means personal development, improving as a person. You will get deep insights in why you behave a certain way, and you will find out that there is nothing wrong or crazy about you, you might discover your personality superpower! Every person got his strengths and weaknesses. We often think that we have to model ourselves to the society or situation we are in to be successful. When you know what you are capable of and what not or less, you will start to lean in your natural talents and strengths and be a powerful force as a player or coach to be reckoned with in your esport while being more happy and experiencing more fun while doing it!

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