Looking For Ways To Become A Better Esports Coach And Grow Your Career?

Learn advanced strategies, approaches, and methods to positively impact the results of the players and teams you work with. And learn how to position yourself for better and higher paid career opportunities.

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Did you know that most coaches value continuous improvement, but only a few actively try to improve themselves daily? 

Learn how to get better results, have a more impactful coaching approach, and to become more valuable as an esports coach.

Your Next Level

Become a highly impactful and valued esports coach

Learn various advanced approaches, tools, and methods to:

  • Vastly improve the way you understand, explain and teach things on an expert level.
  • Always have a solution or tool ready to solve and improve any situation with a player or your team.
  • Coach and communicate through a much higher and professional standard for in-game and out-of-game situations.
  • Earn more money by knowing the value and price that you are worth and how to increase and communicate your value.
  • Position yourself in a better spot to create more and better career opportunities.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Masterclass Bundle, you’ll learn how to take control of your esports coaching future.


After 30 masterclasses and 50+ hours of advanced content, You Could…

  • Have a much deeper understanding of how you can impact your players
  • Finally get the results that you want, and climb the ranks with any player or team
  • Be valued much higher and earn a higher income through esports coaching

The right approaches, tools, frameworks, and understanding can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in the Masterclass Bundle.


The Masterclass Bundle

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Esports Coaching Future?

This Masterclass Bundle will teach you everything you need to know to get out of the average coaching pool for good and build an extensive toolkit you can be proud of. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a strong sense of confidence in everything you do
  • How to think and act differently, that will make you stand out
  • Apply expert topics simply and practically so you can positively transform your players and teams

With a simple shift in using proven approaches, methods, and frameworks, you can be the top-tier coach you aspire to be.

What's Included In
The Masterclass Bundle...

Bundle 1

14 Masterclasses To Improve Your Coaching

As a coach, you always want to improve to become a better version of yourself. Learn practical approaches, methods, and frameworks to significantly increase your impact as an esports coach. These 14 Masterclasses include:

  • How to coach players with a high (and low) ego, negativity, and when results are down during the competition
  • Learn how to teach anything to anyone, and different types of learning to meet the needs of your players on a very personal level
  • Knowing how to handle the usual stuff like VOD reviews, goal setting, and preparing for LANs and Championships 10x more efficient and effective, like an expert
  • An extensive toolbox to communicate like a true professional and to implement introductions and ways to increase the speed your players are developing

You’ll finish this bundle with a high understanding and a filled toolbox to always have a solution for any situation during your coaching sessions and how to make your coaching sessions a genuine and fun experience that increases your coaching quality through the roof.

Bundle 2

8 Masterclasses To Improve Your Performance Coaching

With your coaching skills in good shape, the next step is to provide all-around performance coaching so that you can support your players in different ways effectively, so they can optimally perform in different situations. In this bundle, you’ll learn:

  • How to help your players build strong new habits and overcome bad habits
  • How to create an extensive performance profile so you have an overview of what parts of development have the most impact, and are worth spending precious time on
  • How you can help your players with their thoughts and emotions, how to handle loss and setbacks and how to better handle pressure
  • How you can optimally prepare your players and team for an important event like championships, LAN's, tournaments and live events
  • Using visualization and mental imagery with your players and team

You’ll finish this bundle with an all-round performance coaching toolkit that you can apply to any individual and get transformational results, not only positively impacting their performance but also their well-being.

Bundle 3

4 Masterclasses For Developing Team Cohesion 

The secret to creating consistent results with your players and teams it to create cohesive teams and high-performance cultures. In this bundle, you’ll learn:

  • How to manage the 5 dysfunctions of a team in esports and to build team cohesion
  • How to recognize in what team development stage your team is in so you can implement the suitable activities and methods to let your team optimally perform consistently in each stage
  • How to build a high-performance culture where you can coach the "soul" of the team daily
  • How to recruit and select the right players for your team

You’ll finish this bundle with a universal approach to team building and creating a high-performance culture within any team, where you can optimally coach your player's and team's needs.

Bundle 4

4 Masterclasses For Growing Your Career

For many coaches, the goal is to coach more professional teams, getting a higher pay, and play in the highest competitions in the world. But how do you get there and be successful at growing your career? In this bundle, you’ll learn:

  • How you can figure out what the right coaching path is for you to become successful
  • How to define your worth and prices as a coach, and be comfortable asking your price
  • How to make a lasting impression on others that gets you to places you never knew you could.
  • How to climb the career ladder and coach the team of your dreams

You’ll finish this bundle with a clear roadmap to get where you want to go in your career as an esports coach.

This Masterclass Bundle Is For You If...

  • You are looking for ways to become more impactful and highly advanced in some areas
  • You want to improve, but don't know what or how
  • You are looking for efficient and effective tools that are practical and powerful
  • You want to become the best coach you can be
  • You want to stay ahead of the competition in various ways
  • You want to coach better players and teams, that also pay you more money for your coaching capabilities

I'm Donny Stumpel

While I was a collegiate esports player, I was stoked when I was going to get coached for the first time. But it wasn't exactly the way I expected coaching should be. I didn't experience more success and felt frustrated and empty. From my background and experience as a teacher, I decided to change this. I became a coach myself to give the players the support and positive experience they deserve. Later on, I supported coaches and teams to win national competitions and help them promote to international stages in different titles (LoL, CSGO, and FIFA).

Now I use what I've learned to support esports coaches of all levels around the globe to find their success. I'll show you how to become more impactful, leave a life changing impression on all of your players, and how to develop a successful career as a coach in the esports industry.

"Enjoy the process, take everything in that the Masterclasses have to offer, and I guarantee you will be amazed with the results."

- Peter Cassim (Performance Coach)

"The Masterclasses provided me different points of view and deepened my knowledge. I learned a lot of new things, and have confirmation on things that I already was doing correctly. Besides the Masterclasses, it also connects you to other like-minded coaches, and that attracted me as well to the bundle. My biggest results were that my speech to the players was clearer, and I know better what I'm talking about. I no longer have any doubt about my knowledge. I was able to develop a professional structure with tricks and tips that are very simple and effective. I knew from the start that Donny is a true professional, a trustworthy person, always in a good mood on whom I can count."

Salvador "Salva" (Professional Valorant Coach)

"As a professional Fortnite coach for 1.5 years at the highest level, I wanted to develop my skills in the off season to maximise the potential and results of my players. I decided to be the best version of myself. After I saw the Masterclasses it took me 1 day to take action, because at first I had doubt it would be useful, worth the money, and if I would use the Masterclasses enough for it to be worthwhile. What attracted me the most was the facts that I have never heard of anything like it before. Learning from the Masterclasses resulted in much better cooperation during coaching sessions with my clients, they are much more engaged now."

- Samual "Captor" Jaffe (Professional Fortnite Coach)

Don't take my word for it, listen to what other coaches have to say about the 30 Masterclass Bundle


Lorenzo "g1ampa"

Performance Coach

"As a coach, you learn general information from traditional sports. The specification on esports matter, that is a thing that surprised me. It is different from anything I have done, so I took my chances. And it was good, and you can have it too."

Simon "MrSleepzz" van Asselt

League of Legends coach
"My impact has improved a lot. I sed the setups, information and tools for gaining a better understanding of my players, and how I could fit to their needs as a coach. I felt those results fairly quickly, and I was really surprised with how effective the lessons really were."


Daniel "Imba" Grøtting Nordby

League of Legends coach
"It has opened my eyes to a lot of issues that were prevalent in my coaching. These Masterclasses helped both players of mine and me improve a lot. I can confidently say that these Masterclasses helped at least 17 people to have a prominent career in esports."

Peter "Coach Pete" Cassim

Performance Coach

"I didn't have any doubt when joining the Masterclasses. I already had seen what Donny was doing with his online presence. And I got a feeling that this guy is legit, and that he knows what he is talking about. So I trusted what I was gonna get from the masterclass, and I got exactly that. So it was a big win, and I definitely recommend it."


The Masterclass Bundle

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