Next level workshops

perform by understanding yourself and your teammates


When a workshop is useful for your team

Workshops are a great way to learn new things, because they don't only give you new insights, like a presentation does, but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to act on those insights and experience what those insights can do for you and the team for the best learning experience. 

You and your team are looking for ways to improve performance through the people-side of esports. Your team finds it valuable what motivates each other and what doesn't. Your team believes that success is achieved through the people by acknowledging them for who they are and doubling down on the things that go right. 

Next Level Workshops will give you and your team the insights your team needs to reach the next level in performance. No matter if your team just formed or is together for years, there are many topics that will add value to the overall team performance, that will result into winning more games. 

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Workshop topics

There are many topics to choose from depending on the current situation, context and needs of your team. Below there are some topics that are one of the most valuable for any professional esports team.

- Natural strengths

With the forming of a new roster or team, you will face different obstacles depending on the personalities that are present within the team, including the coach and staff. In this workshop we take you through what things you might face and what to expect from each other. Not everything you want to be a surprise when working within teams. If your team is together for a longer time, this workshop will give you certain "aha!" moments, that makes everyone understand certain behavior. This helps you perform better as a team and helps the team to get in sync.

- Handling conflicts

Conflicts are a must have for any high performance team. If there is never a conflict within the team, the team isn't growing. When you face a conflict it can be though to deal with. If the conflict is heated up enough it has the power to either make or break a team, so handling conflicts the right way is a must have for any team to achieve peak performance. In this workshop you will learn how you recognize a starting conflict and what usually happens when there is a conflict. As well as how you and your team can handle conflict properly without becoming personal or pointing fingers. You learn how to be productive and constructive, receive and give feedback to build a stronger a better team bond than before. 

- Team dynamics

Every team has it's own team dynamics. In what phase of the team dynamic process are you in right now and what are the characteristics of it. How can you evolve to the next level with your team and where should lie your focus on? In this workshop you will get detailed insight, practices and tools into where you team is in the process and what you as a team have to do and can do to evolve to the next level.

- Communication

We all speak the same language (English) but different personalities mean different things with the same words. This often can lead to misunderstanding, misalignment and conflict. In this workshop you will learn and experience different types of language and communication so the team is able to connect with each other on a more deep and personal level to get the true message across. As well will your team get a tool that can be used to level out differences in meaning so everyone speak within a safe and open environment to resolve conflicts, issues and realign with your team members.

- Problem solving

Esports is all about problem solving. To be able to win a game is like solving giant puzzle of 10.000 pieces within a time limit. To prevail in esports you have to be a great problem solver. You want to be effective in your problem solving, so you want to make the best decisions all the time and make sure nothing is overlooked or personal opinions ignored. In this workshop you will learn to solve small and easy up to difficult problems in a methodical and practical way. As well as being able to have different perspective that might are skipped depending on the personalities that are engaged with the problem. This includes in-game problems on what has priority as well as problems outside the game like drafts, team decisions, strategies and more.

- Motivation drivers

When we think about motivation, it is often thought that is about motivation to win. Every one has a motivation to win the game. But why doesn't every one express themselves in ways that they push themselves and show that they want to win? It is because each person has a different motivation driver. This means that to be motivated for winning the individual needs something else first. This can be having a bond with team members, or must understand why things are done, or the opposite that the players need their freedom to experiment and go, while others need more positive affirmations and so on. Once you understand and know these insights of your team members, it is hard to not have a motivated team that wants to win and really show that. In this workshop you will gain insight into different ways of motivation drivers and how you can verbally motivate each driver and what it does with the person receiving the right motivational message for them.

- And many more topics to reach peak performance

Fill out the contact form with your context and wants and needs to see if Next Level Esports can support you and your team to reach the next level with a workshop. 

Next level workshops

perform by understanding yourself and your teammates