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Next Level Esports offers you personal development coaching that gives you deep insights in the dynamics of your team.

As esports grows so does the need for professional and self-conscious esports players. We help any team to have deep insights into the team dynamics and build a bridge between the players, coach and other staff within the team or organisation.  All with the goal for better understanding, results and more fun.

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    Meet at a location of choice in The Netherlands

  • Get deep insights

    Precisely know your esports personality by doing the full ActionType test

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    Ask your questions about your esports personality anywhere and anytime to improve as a player and as a person

Learn the natural strengths of your team

Get a team development guide to learn about all the esports personalities within the team

The personal development guide contains a bucket full of coaching tools and models and theory to set players, coaches and managers up for success.

This guide is filled with helpful information about your team and includes:

  • Optimizations of the game plans
  • Optimizations of the training
  • Optimizations of the culture
  • Optimizations of communication

Detailed personality profiles of every player, coach and manager

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