Team Development: Performance through people

If you don't have the people side of esports right, you're missing out on a massive competitive advantage.

Most overlooked performance factor

Esports is played by people, coached by people and managed by people. So it is necessary to get the people side of esports right. If you want to have top performance whether it is in FPS, MOBA, Race, Hero shooters, RTS or on the managing or coaching side, you rely on many important variables being executed at the highest level, and all of that in sync. In the top level op esports, teams are catching up with traditional physical training, conditioning, nutrition and many other physical areas. In today's competitive esports environment, these physical things have it's place and benefits but has little competitive advantage since more elite esport teams are using it. Yet, one of the most impactful factors in esports success is not recognized, overlooked or vastly underestimated

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Relation before performance

Research has been done on how to achieve ultimate performance. Research presented at the World Class Performance Conference in London 2015 delved into what differentiates a superelite who goes home with the prize and honors and the athletes that go home empty-handed. The differentiator in these teams is the quality that the coaches have with the players. It is therefore utmost important that you understand how you as an individual operate as well as the other players and staff you are working with for the best results.

What the most successful teams in esports know

You probably intuitively know this, that the most successful teams within esports use the hidden value of understanding how to consistently create top performance in themselves. They know how to build self-awareness for everyone involved and acknowledge the importance of communication, and how well people work together (relationship skills). They know how to lean into their natural strengths to create the best possible outcomes and ultimately winning more games.

"A common mistake among those who work in sport is spending a disproportional amount of time on "x's and o's" as compared to time spent learning about people." - Mike Krzyzewski

Teams often forget about learning their players and staff. Often thinking strategy and technical skills are the most important part of success. While those aspects are very important for top performance, you won't reach your full potential if you don't combine it with understanding yourself and the people you work with. Because it is more on the 'soft side' of things people seem to neglect it as a "nice to have". It is unquestionably a soft-skill that is a "must have". Getting it right on the 'people side' will result in the highest performances being achieved.

Actiontypes profiling is the key

To get the 'people side' right in esports

The primary focus of ActionTypes profiling is to develop self-awareness and provide a framework for understanding others so you can build effective relationships and a high performance culture where each individual can thrive.

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ActionTYpes profiling provides practical strategies to improve performance by:

Developing self-awareness

Enhancing effective communication

Improving more productive relationships

Tailored coaching, mentoring and managing

Identifying how each person contributes

Optimizing team dynamics, getting team chemistry right

5 things you need to know about ActionTYpes profiling in esports

Before learning more about ACtiontypes profiling, there are some important things you need to know:


ActionTypes profiling focuses on preferred behavior which is how someone prefers to act and what they do in context, rather than personality traits. Behavior is flexible, personality is not. It is impossible to ask a player to change their personality. 


The core of ActionTypes profiling is based on four basic profiles called temperaments. This is important as this allows coaches, players and staff quickly understand general tendencies in behavior and able to use it. Yet, you can also go much deeper into the theory and application to truly master this area of expertise, which is what the Team Profile specifically do. (Most assessments are for business environment and no assessments exist that translates these insights into esports except Next Level Esports).



There is no right or wrong, best or worst ActionTypes profile. Each profile has it's own strengths and weaknesses in different types of context. There is no pattern to be seen who is more or less successful based on their ActionTypes profile. What's most important is how you apply this in esports.

Your aim is never to 'improve' your ActionTypes profile. Instead, the focus is on developing self-awareness, know what works for you and what doesn't, and ultimately knowing what behaviors will produce the best results as an individual and when working in a team. This is the key to high performance, coaching and leadership.


ActionTypes was first developed in the 1990s and has been continually developed, extended and improved on since. ActionTypes is not only used as a cognitive assessment, but more as a physical assessment. Because it's BODY and BRAIN connection, this results in ActionTypes being the most reliable tool available. It has been heavily used in traditional sports especially in Europe in sports as soccer/football, horse riding, hockey, sprinting, tennis and many more sports. Next Level Esports is the first that translates all these sport and behavioral insights to the world of esports.