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Are you always hoping your team will get along well enough so synergy will occur within the team? Stop hoping and facilitate it in any team, here is the..

PILOT Online Course:
'The Synergy Formula'

Everything will be online and unlock a new module every 3-4 days that include: video's, worksheets, quizzes, insights, approaches and work forms to learn everything about facilitating synergy!

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Discover what you will get in this PILOT online course and what will help you to have much more IMPACT in any team!

Yes, I want to learn how to facilitate synergy in any team!

10 modules of synergy covered

Learn about all the insights that each aspect contributes to synergy.

Learn at your own pace

Every module is "dripped" every 3-4 days, so you can learn when it suits you and does not overwhelm you.

Holistic learning

Learn your way through: video, text, worksheets, quizzes, tools and approaches.

Eternal access and free updates

Always have the content available and future update on the course will be free.

Transparancy alert:

This will be a PILOT online course. That means, the course is not set in stone and not all content is immediately available for consumption. The PILOT starts Friday the 22th of October. It will be a "drip" course where every few days a new lesson will be available over a couple of weeks. The intention of this PILOT course is to make a super valuable course for you and other future esports coaches, so your feedback during the PILOT is very important to me. Of course I have clear ideas on what I want to do, but at the end I do it for you.

Because of this and in turn of your feedback, a testimonial at the end and perhaps sometimes a bit of patience I offer a 90% discount on this course and a 100% learning satisfaction . Sounds good? If so, I appreciate your commitment!

Are you working with esports teams and do you want to be able to facilitate synergy in any team, so you can have more impact?

Don't look any further...

Do you have that feeling in the beginning and during the competition that you hope that the players will get along well and it would be nice if you have more influence over that process?

You don't have to look any further!

My name is Donny Stumpel and I am the owner of Next Level Esports, where I over the time span of many years have successfully facilitated synergy with many teams. 

Having synergy within your team means a much more enjoyable environment to work in and most important, to create much better results.

There are many teams that are working to create the desired results and it is my mission to educate esports coaches by giving them the needed insights and tools to create the best esports coaches in the world so they can create and sustain an impactful and fulfilling career.

Learning about facilitating synergy in many ways through books, courses, training, courses, experiences and finding the best tools takes incredible amounts of time. And with this PILOT online course you will get everything compact and ready so you don't have to spend so much time and money to learn all of that.

But I have to admit, my own workshops and coaching wasn't always the greatest when I started out coaching...

We all know very teams, or have been in one, that couldn't collaborate and couldn't find clarity in their roles and could not appreciate differences, and hard collapsed. Resulting in a demoralized team, no fun, a lot of pointing fingers at each other, anger, conflicts and terrible results as a consequence. I took the responsibility to support all esports coaches to help them never have to deal with these situations, because they are educated and have the right insights and tools available. I developed and discovered many ways to facilitate synergy by learning it from others, books, stories, courses and lots of experiences. All these things I recorded in endless pages of notes and now I'm sharing them in this PILOT online course: 'The Synergy Formula'.

The PILOT Online Cours: 'The Synergy Formula'

Over the years I have collected, developed and experienced maaaaany insights, approaches and tools to facilitate synergy, but facilitating synergy is more than only applying an approach, using tools or coaching methods. Crazy enough it's not about the mechanical application of these tools and approaches. It's how do you react to certain responses, what questions do you ask etc. Those pieces of knowledge and experience are also included within this PILOT online course.

Enroll now and claim your next level

If you decide before the clock reaches zero, you will get access to the PILOT online course: Facilitating synergy in esports teams. There won't be another PILOT ever. After this opportunity the price will go up at least 10x.

The goal of this course is to...

No need to search

You never have to search or question what part of synergy is lacking or needs attention. In the course there are many aspects of synergy covered, together with the insights and approaches needed to facilitate synergy.

Streamline performance

To reach synergy you have to do a lot of things right in your coaching. In this course you will learn different approaches to different subjects that you are dealing with on a daily basis. Besides creating synergy, you will improve many aspects that influence performance and the environment within the team for the better.

Impact; they will talk about it

Expect that your players in your teams will talk about you and their team, that they've seen nothing like it before. The players remember not the plays or content of your coaching, but the atmosphere and things that were DIFFERENT from other teams and coaches.

Learning sastisfaction

Since it is a PILOT, that means you can give feedback and ask questions at any time directly to me to help build the online course to satisfy all your needs. This is a unique opportunity, since the future of this online course is self study only.

What is in this PILOT course?

Below an overview of the intention of the framework of this online course (since it still have to be made)

The 10 modules of synergy

Gain insight, tools and approaches to facilitate the 10 aspects that are part of having synergy in your team. Knowing about these aspects will make interventions much more effective and easier, since you will be able to spot immediately where there is the biggest opportunity for creating synergy or other performance related opportunities.

You will learn in this course...

Shared ambition

How to create a shared sense of feeling proud of why the team exists and are invested in accomplishing their goals and mission.

Clear process

How to instill clear communication towards and among the players so they know what needs to be done next, by whom, and by when to achieve the goals of the team.

Defined roles

How to talk about and define the roles of the players so everyone knows their roles in getting tasks done an when to allow a more skillful member to do a certain task.

Respected hierarchy

How to make a clear hierarchy so decision-making and authority lines are clearly understood.

Open conflict

How to make conflicts productive and transformative, so it is being dealt with openly and that players understand it is important in the decisions-making process and for the benefit of personal growth.

Culture of standards

How to create set standard of how the team behaves among each other and works together that is perceived as appropriate for everyone in the team.

Individual preferences

How you can give everyone in the team insight into the unique personalities of the whole team and make every preference appreciated and well utilized.

Efficient interactions

How to make team meetings and other interactions efficient and productive so the players look forward to the time spend together.

Defined success

How to define success clearly when the team has achieved success and the players share this equally and proudly.

Coaching & development

How to facilitate opportunities for feedback and ways to update and upgrade skills and that is taken advantage of by members of the team.

In what form is the content delivered?









Free future updates of the online course

This online course is created to help support esports coaches becoming the best versions of themselves so they can sustain impactful careers while positively transforming the lives of the players they work with. Therefore I will add more approaches, tools and insights into this course in the future.

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The PILOT online course: facilitating synergy for esports teams

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I wish you a lot of enjoyment, fulfullment, energy, motivation and impact.

Kind regards, Donny Stumpel

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