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Rethink human performance


It's about knowing what drives yourself and the people you work with

When you think about performance, you might think of metrics and physical exercise and nutrition. You are right, this helps boost the performance, but at the center of performance is the individual, the person, the soul, that is so much more than just a player. 

Each individual has it's own program installed in their brain that makes them operate in certain ways. Each brain is connected differently, and these different connections make up the biggest part of their personality. Their personality is a strong driver behind everything that person does solving constant mental and physical problems on the go. This is why you are able to connect with some individuals directly and some can never be your closest friends in the way they behave. Or the difference why that one player always rushes in to do things and the other is more observing on the situation. 

We as humans are flexible, but not that flexible as you might think. For example it is very hard, near impossible, to change a very structured and rigid person to become flexible and improvising. While you can change behavior, we can never change someones personality. We humans seek constant ways unconsciously that has the least resistant, this is what makes us act out different in different types of context.

While strategy and physical exercise and nutrition and all external factors are right and benefit performance, but you have no grip on the internal world and understand of yourself and players you work with, it sure is a lot harder, than if it was the opposite, where you deeply understand yourself and the players you work with. The ideal situation is of course doing both.

You and your team want a inspiring and game changing presentation to get a deeper understanding of human performance. What it is and what it isn't. You will understand yourself with all your talents and flaws as well as those of the individuals you are surrounded with. 

You and your team will learn why you have a brain in the first place. Hint: it's not to think or feel, not even close! And why this is so important for you to understand human behavior and performance. 

If you want your performance right, get the people-side right. 

Next level presentations

Rethink human performance

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