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You the coach

As an esports coach you have a great responsibility for the success of your team, the driver behind winning or losing. The way esports culture is at the moment is that most of the attention goes to the strategies, drafts, preparations and keeping up with the meta. You are continually looking for ways to improve yourself as a coach and have a positive impact on the team you are coaching. While you do the best you can, you constantly get faced with things within the team you as a coach have to deal with. The way you handle these things, determines you succeed or fail.

You recognize these pitfalls

You might experienced conflicts within your team from time to time, low levels of motivation or effort, frustration and a team that is out of sync with each other, ego's are taking over and a fun and motivating environment is far out of sight. The team you are coaching is under performing to what you know what they can do looking at their individual skill levels. You talk to the team and players, but it is hard to overcome these hurdles and issues within the team. Many teams get stuck in some of these issues and never overcome it. Leaving you and all the players with a unfulfilled feeling once the competition or tournament is over.

You have all these great plans with these high potential players, but it is hard to get to that level when among the team and players are issues and conflicts. What are the solutions of these things that confronts you every time you coach a team and keeps coming back?

When things go right

When things are going the right way and everything is smooth, do you keep doing what you are doing or are you expanding and leveraging this opportunity? You want to keep this momentum as long as you can. If you are winning game after game, how do you make sure you and the players don't become complacent with the performance, so later on they will fall off. How are you going to keep the positive culture, mental, and performance optimal? 

Is your advantage having the best strategies and individual skilled players or could it be something else, something that is always right there, something you as a coach that has the power the be the driver of success, but often by most team neglected, ignored or not understood...

Your unfair advantage over other teams

The real advantage lies within the people, the players, the staff and yourself. Also called the people-side of esports. Once you get the people-side of esports right, you have an unfair advantage over the rest of the teams that mostly only focus on the strategies and technical things. 

No matter how good your strategies, drafts, tactics and meta changes are, if your players are not in sync and trust each other and get along well, the team is not performing at it's maximum capacity. Isn't that your job as a coach? Making the players and everyone involved in the team play at their maximum capacity? Squeezing out every bit of potential of the players and yourself to get the win, while maintaining a positive and harmonious team culture. 

Your next level as a coach

Develop yourself to be able to handle different aspects of esports coaching. Learn about handling team conflicts, giving feedback, build trust, team dynamics, different esports personality profiles, coaching styles, setting goals, create a performance culture, team selection, handling stress and much more.

You will be able to have more grip on the situations happening. You will have a indepth understanding why different players behave in a certain way and you will know what they need in different kinds of context. This makes you able to react in a proactive way, so you can handle before a small problem or issue evolve into a bigger problem. As well as going from good to great.

You will be able to build a better relationship with your players and other staff. You are able to reach your ambitious goals by achieving better results overall, because you know how to effectively influence and guide the players and staff you work with. 

Your coach legacy

When you think back on the people that made a big impact in your life and career the people that you look up to and really admire, is it because they had the best strategies and idea's? Or was it because they connected with you, and you saw something in them that resonated with you, a personal touch. The person that touched your soul and saw who you truly are. The person you want to work with and work for. What is it that made you tick and look up to them?

What is the difference between a good coach and a great coach? It is the inter-personal relationships you can make with the players and staff you work with that makes all the difference. Being good with people as a coach is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. If you truly want to burst through walls, reach your next level as a coach and make a difference as a coach to reach peak performance, you must have the people-side of esports right.

You have a choice if you are going to be that coach that players and organizations forever will remember. That coach that really touched players lives, instead of only games. 

Your next Level starts now

No matter if you are a coach that just started with the first team or if you are a veteran coach on international level, the Next Level Esports Academy has your next level. You don't need prior experience with coaching to start of your career in the academy. All you need is a will to better understand yourself and the people you work with to have a positive impact on the players and staff you work with. 

We take you from the basics up towards the most in depth insights to better understand behaviors and dynamics within a team environment and individuals. 

Match your actions with your ambitions

Win more games by understanding yourself and the players you work with

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