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The client

Richard “ImShadow” Luxenburg is a Rocket League player that wants to become a professional. At the moment that we had our first contact he had a personal rating of 1400. Richard is very competitive by nature and played many other games in the top 0,1-0,01% or higher level. He worked for a company full-time, but decided that he wanted to give everything he’s got with Rocket League to become a professional player. That is why he decided to work one day and dedicate the rest of his time to his Rocket League career. While he knows how to work hard and play hard, he figured that to become a professional esports player you also have train smart and know how you can develop yourself to your full potential. He tried several different schedules and routines before, but none of them seem to stick with him because of his exploring and flexible personality. In order for him to get his best shot at professional play, he needed help with his structure and understanding the workings of his personality and behavior to perform at the highest possible level.

The problem

Besides needing help with his training schedule he encountered also some other challenges along the way. He was quite easily tilted when things didn’t go the way they should have gone or when he was losing games. He had a hard time remaining calm throughout games and focused more on his teammates and the opponents than himself. Within his training schedule he trained irregularly with sometimes very long days with hardly any rest for relaxation and almost to no breaks between the games. While on other days he had to take involuntary breaks because he was exhausted and could not focus enough to perform on his best level. His focus was not constant and he had some difficulty to not give into the next thing that caught his attention. This could be anything from in-game training aspects that he thought he had to become better in, so he wanted to train that more, from things outside Rocket League that costed him energy and constant adaptation.

The Solution

Richard learned how to focus his attention inward to himself, since he is the only person he has influence on. He got a heartrate monitor that showed his heartrate in a live feed so he could identify he was starting to tilt and when to focus on breathing and relaxation or simply had to take a break. This to keep the most uptime on the ideal performance state. Richard retrieved his personal player development guide where a lot of his tendencies were described. He gained insight into his workings where we were keeping contact throughout a personal Discord channel, where we would have daily contact about his development and focus points. Sometimes a natural tendency is so ingrained into a personality, that he regularly had to be reminded of some natural tendencies. We did this long enough so he could later manage it by himself and recognized when certain behavior is triggered. He can now take back control before things are put into action. With the knowledge of his body and brain interactions he learned how to recognize and switch in different states of mind in a sort of “on” and “off” state. Together with the knowledge and use of his trigger point (mobile point) in the body, Richard had an easy to use tool to boost his focus, before and during a game, to more go from the head to the body, being more attentional in the moment, increasing his accuracy by 30% of shots made. We also created challenges for his competitiveness, creativity and flexibility as a player, while being able to stay within the framework of his schedule. This way he has more room to express his personality, instead of being bored with mundane training routines. To express his personality even more, we together looked into his personal life as well. He even got himself a new hobby to express his creative personality in a non-computer environment way. As well as learning how to write idea’s and thoughts down to clear his mind and to keep his focus on the goals.

The Benefits

Richard became more calm, able to play games with an ice cold mentality that is not shook up by others, able to focus on himself and the game before him. With exploring his personality throughout his personal guide and conversation, Richard is now more understanding of himself and improved his ability to self-reflect. With all the tools that he has been given and adapted he is able to get the maximum out of each training and match he plays. There is a clear continuity and increase in performance, confidence and self-awareness. He can now follow through his schedules and knows how and what to pick as points of improvement for himself. With following through his schedule and being thoughtful about breaks and relaxation, he is now able to maintain high levels of energy throughout the week. This helps him maintain focus and it sets him up to steadily increase his performance. There is a positive sense of control and grip now. Working with a framework and mentality where he can express his personality where he feels at home that greatly benefits him in becoming a professional Rocket League player.

The Results

In two months Richard gained 285 rating, from 1524 to 1809, an increase of 18,7%. In this range he has the opportunity to develop his skills even further, since he is now in the range of semi-professional players. He also got invited for try-outs for teams to play in tournaments. He now has a full toolbox with things that can help him to deal with challenges that may cross his path in the short and long term, while continually developing as a player. He also adopted a new healthy and enjoyable lifestyle framework where he can express his personality to have a longer and more stable career.


“Donny recognizes what is needed and what things can be tweaked to perform on a higher level. He is able to give different perspectives to look at things. I adopted that way of looking at things to increase my level of insight for myself. I have been given a lot of inspiration and things to work on and think about. Very supportive and helpful and lastly a very enthusiastic great guy to work with.”

- Richard "ImShadow" Luxemburg