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Yearly 12 month Program


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52x LIVE Q&A Mentorship sessions worth €7800
✅ Access to the NLE Community
✅ Minimum of 5 NLE Courses in 2022 worth €1985
✅ Your team on the same page course worth €397
✅ Personalized content and training through voting
✅ Access to all NLE events
✅ Continuous feedback on your coaching approach and reviews
✅ Every opportunity to grow and develop as an esports coach
Total value: €10082



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Seasonal 3 month Program



✅ Weekly
 LIVE Q&A Mentorship sessions
✅ Access to the NLE Community
✅ Access to all courses and content
✅ Your team on the same page course worth
✅ Personalized content and training through voting
✅ Access to all NLE events
✅ Continuous feedback on your coaching approach and reviews
✅ Every opportunity to grow and develop as an esports coach



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Total value: €10.082

The investment for the Esports Coach Development Program is not the above amount. We have made the best offer you can find in the world right now in the field of esports coach development, but we have chosen a form that is accessible to everyone. 

Esports Coach Development Program

What we've found out is that there is little to no esports coaching support or resources out there. At the moment esports coaches heavily rely on their personal experiences to navigate through all the challenges a coach faces, with all consequences included. We got you covered!

As a coach, you want to develop better players, create strong teams and win games. You might want to climb the career ladder as well and become a world-class coach. But how can we best help you with that? 

Since 2018 we have helped hundreds of esports coaches through working with teams, videos, lectures, podcasts, blogs, and coaching trajectories.

We have learned a lot about what really helps esports coaches and what doesn't. Many coaches are being challenged within their own personal context and have little to no resources to rely on.

Am I coaching the right way? How can I get more out of my players and team? Is the way I'm presenting information the most optimal? How come my players have a hard time to work as a team? And many more questions you might have, and that makes perfect sense, you are not alone.

Esports players have a lot of resources to develop themselves all the way up to the highest level, but what resources and guidance do you have to develop yourself? 

What we've found out is that there is little to no esports coaching support. At the moment esports coaches heavily rely on their personal experiences to navigate through all the challenges a coach faces, with all consequences included. 

Next Level Esports is here for you to provide you with guidance, support, resources, tools and all the things you need to become the most impactful esports coach you can be, and help you sustain your esports career up to the highest levels of competition.

We would like to introduce you to the Esports Coach Development Program. This is the most complete solution for every esports coach, at every stage, who wants to increase their impact and develop their career as an esports coach to the next level. 

Supporting you with every step and challenge in esports to help you become more impactful and develop a sustainable career as an esports coach.

This is what you will get as a member of the Esports Coach Development Program

Live Q&A and Mentorship sessions

Learn from experts in the field

LIVE Q&A Mentorship sessions

Every week there will be Q&A or Mentorship Sessions where you can ask any question about any type of challenge that you are facing or want to learn more about. You will get an immediate response from the mentor to help you on your way to overcoming your challenge with the needed resources and solutions. You might not have a personal challenge every week, but you can learn a lot from someone else's challenges as well. 

The only thing to help yourself develop is to participate. 

Join this positive momentum and be inspired by examples, methods, tools, and practical action points that you can put to work immediately.

At the end of each mentorship session, you will have the option to vote for a particular subject for next week. The subject is then covered by the mentor in the first 15 minutes of the session as a training, to learn and develop together what is relevant, and therefore impactful and meaningful, for you at that moment in time.

NLE Expert

Every week a concrete LIVE training including a Q&A by Donny Stumpel or another Next Level Esports expert. Discover the best esports coaching insights, the behind the scenes of esports coaching, models, tools, and discussions around esports coaching. Going in-depth around specific subjects, tools, and approaches.

Coach reviews

Do you like to get advice on your coaching approach? Knowing what you can do better to get better learning retention and impact for your players? What approaches would work best for you? What you can improve during your try-out sessions? Or maybe just an overall look at your presenting skills? All of that is possible! These mentorship sessions are also to be used for such subjects. You can send your link to your recording prior to the session so you will get LIVE advice from our experts and other esports coaches.


Every week something in your schedule... that can make your agenda a bit overcrowded. However, you do not have to attend every session. You choose what you want to participate in and what you want to watch later. All sessions are recorded and placed on the program member site. 

NLE Community

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

NLE Community

An inspiring environment is the #1 lifehack for growth.

In our community, you can ask questions, share knowledge, celebrate successes, and harvest inspiration. This way you get direct feedback from our team and others who can tell you exactly how they have done what you are currently doing.

In addition, our community is also perfect for networking between coaches and organizations across the globe for future opportunities in your career. Within the platform, you will also find groups of coaches within the same region or game title of various levels. 

The ideal warm bath for esports coaches!

Sharing knowledge

Learn from the successes of other members and ask unlimited questions to them and our team! We are available daily in the community to help you with all your esports coaching challenges.


Expand your network with inspiring esports coaches! While you may be seen as a "crazy" esports coach within your circles, at NLE you will only meet like-minded people!


Meet esports coaches in your region and/or level in the NLE groups. Start your own group or join an existing group to easily and quickly get to know people who are a good fit for you.


participate in events to make big leaps in your development or personal growth. Think of events of specialized classes about basic, advanced, or expert-level subjects. Like match preparation, managing stress, neuro(brain)models, and player and coach natural tendencies to name a few.


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NLE Academy

Everything about esports coaching

NLE Academy

Get instant access to all of our esports coaching in-depth courses on the NLE member site. Learn the intricacies of all aspects of esports coaching with videos, tools, working methods, approaches, templates and more, and guarantee yourself more impact through better and faster player development, facilitating synergy, career opportunities and development of yourself as an esports coach!

We always keep our training courses up to date and regularly add new training courses and other types of learning and development material. You can view all training sessions, mentorship sessions, and all courses anytime and anywhere.

All content will always be available for members of the Esports Coach Development Program.

Your team on the same page course

Value €397

✅ This is how you build synergy from the start of the season
✅ Always be able to speak to your team in a way that motivates them
✅ Streamline your team's performance during the competition
✅ How to define the purpose of your team
✅ How to set a vision with your team
✅ Set sharp goals, milestones, and targets to stay deadly effective
✅ Increase the commitment of your team towards each other
✅ Know what actions are important and which one's are not
✅ Learn what your players and team values and shape a meaningful environment
✅ Be able to adapt your coach approach to what impacts the team the most
✅ Select the right players that share the same ambitions
✅ Tools, templates, and worksheets to put everything in action within 30 minutes after finishing the lessons

All Q&A and mentorship session recordings

Value €7800

✅ Submit a request for content and get lessons specifically to help you further with the subject or challenge
✅ Never miss any critical development aspect that is personal to you
✅ Big and smaller coaching concepts made practical and instantly applicable
✅ Learn everything about esports coaching
✅ How to get more clients
✅ Progress in your career as an esports coach
✅ Learn from other coaches and their sessions with detailed feedback
✅ Anything that you think you should learn as a coach can eventually be found on the platform


All future courses and available content

To be expected over time

Value €1985 (a minimum of 5 courses added in 2022)

✅ A vast range of in-depth courses to tackle the most frequent challenges for esports coaches
✅ How to make winning systems and processes
✅ Defining roles within a team and making each one effective
✅ Creating a respected hierarchy
✅ Handling conflict situations
✅ Creating a culture of standards
✅ Using individual preferences as an advantage
✅ Having efficient and impactful interactions
✅ How to define success
✅ Developing talent through coaching and creating opportunities for learning
✅ To do effective VOD reviews
✅ Transformative 1 on 1 coaching