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Why you want coaching

You are ambitious and want to become a better coach, player or team. You are serious about your development for your esports career and are always looking for ways to become better. You understand that to become better, you will need more than only technical knowledge and skills. You understand that the mental aspect is a very important part to stay focused, motivated and cooperative. It let you overcome obstacles more easy and through understanding and mastering yourself you will become a much better coach, player or team. There are different types of coaching. Depending on your situation there are different options ranging from: Tilt, conflict handling, inter-personal development and road map to your success, as well as other topics upon request. 

There are different types of coaching. Depending on your situation there are different options ranging from: managing tilt, handling conflict within the team, inter-personal development and road map to your success, as well as other topics upon request. If it has to do with the people-side of esports, we got you covered.

Tilt, tunnel vision, easily irritated

You are a good technical player or coach, but you have a hard time to control your own emotions when things get heated up in- or outside of the game. You are easily irritated and tilted by sometimes tiny things. These moments of tilt let you lose focus on the game or the people you work with. You have sometimes tunnel vision, that after you are done with your gaming or coach session you think to yourself "Why do I get triggered so much", "I shouldn't have done this" or "This was toxic behavior". Something along those lines. 

Together we will dive into the root of the things that triggers your behavior. We explore your personality and the way your brain behaves in certain types of situations and context. The solution will be tailored to you, so it is in line with what is the easiest and most effective for you. You will understand what is happening and recognize your triggers. You will learn how to direct and manage your emotions so you don't go into a negative emotional spiral that holds your performance and cooperative mindset down. You also can set up a more controlled environment so you can avoid some triggers at all or when they happen, you have some tools at the ready to use to bring you back in your performance state.


Inter-personal connection

You are playing in and with a team or teammates or want to play in a team and others, but have a hard time to express yourself inside the team or with others. This means that you are frustrated or unsatisfied by the way things are going, no matter if you are very present in the conversation or more distant. You want to be more productive with the people you work and play with. You might find it hard to speak up or are afraid to say something, because you think it might hurt your position, how others think of you, your reputation and in the end costs you your spot on the team. Or you would want other players to be more involved in processes or learn how to get your message across more accurate and clearly. 

In the coach session we will explore your situation and context. Together you will get feedback on how the situation objectively is. We then will explore the different individuals that are involved and what their context is, so you will have more insight and understanding of why things might go as they are going. And lastly we will explore your personality on what your natural tendencies are in the inter-personal dimension. You will then get insight into what is taking place and how you can become more involved into the team process, how you can have better relationships with the people around you and how you can be more productive together. You will get understanding and tools on what you can do to increase your inter-personal effectiveness is different types of context and situations, so you are able to better express yourself. This helps you to connect and communicate better with the people you surround yourself with.

Conflict situations

Almost every team gets to a point where there is misalignment in motivation, goals, tasks, options or execution. This can be small or big, depending how you look at the situation. You start of with a discussion, but sometimes this will result in a ongoing conflict. You and your team find it hard to reach alignment, ego's are starting to kick in, demotivation is around the corner or already happening. The level of fun is rapidly decreasing and in the end people are thinking to themselves "What am I still doing here?". These are situations that can make or break a team. When teams can handle conflict situations properly, they are often are on their way to reach peak performance. If conflicts are neglected, ignored or not resolved properly, where everyone can (mentally) move forward, you are on your way for under performance and in the worst case a team disband. Almost always these conflicts have deeper layers, things that are not visible, or things things that individuals are ashamed to talk about. The solution lies in these deeper layers and often have nothing to do about the situation at hand. You want to know what is true and solve the issue to realign every member involved.

Together with you or the team, depending on the context or conflict, we will get a clear understanding of what the TRUE conflict and issue is about. We peel out the different layers that are at the moment invisible. We will objectively get insight in what is right, instead of who is right and move forward from that. We all want to perform at our best and to get along, so together we focus on the process to get us to the place we want to be. This requires an open mindset for everyone that is involved. Even when things are objective and process orientated, some players, staff or coach might feel personally attacked in this process. This is a natural defense mechanism, it is something that sometimes happens in this process. That is okay and normal and nothing out of the ordinary, and can be resolved if the goal of everyone that is involved is to overcome the conflict and to be productive again. This as well means that such conflict resolving coaching sessions are going deep and takes more time than other coach sessions in general. If you or your team has no experience with handling conflict situations, no worries, you will get tools and guidance on how to have a safe and open conflict resolving conversation, so you and your team can move forward and perform once again.  

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Road to success described in great detail

With all the ambitions that you have to become an esports professional player, coach or other staff member, you want to figure out what your road to success is. You want to know what works like a charm for you and what you feel comfortable doing. You notice already that while you might have similarities with the people around you in your current environment, but you know that you are not the same as them. You have different thoughts and ideas about how things should be done. You don't want to settle for average or good, you want to be great at what you do. But what makes you great in your respective role as a player, coach or staff member? Where and how can you truly shine and make a difference for your surroundings in a way to brings value to others, while at the same time you are doing exactly what and how you want to do things. You are in control.

Next Level Esports offers player, coach and staff detailed personality profiles that serve as a road map to your individual or team success. You will get a brain scan and a deep interview where you lay out your ambitions and goals. We help you to get your ambitions and goals aligned with your personality, team and environment. All your deep rooted motivations and actions and tendencies that derive from that are used to support your goals. Your road map to success just became a treasure map. This treasure map gives you deep insights into your own workings. You understand yourself on a much deeper level as well as others. In deep detail you will know what makes you tick and motivated to become the best version of yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses are described and how to double down on your strengths and how to overcome your weaknesses by making them acceptable.

Be the esports professional you aspire to be

By understanding yourself and to be able to connect with others